Fresh cut Banana Leaves

Fresh cut greeen Banana Leaves for cooking, making serving dish, pig roast and decorations. Shipping is by Priority mail with confromation. In Chinese cooking, the leaves are often wrapped around tougher cuts of meat and steamed for a long time at low heat to impart tenderness and flavor. Use even smaller portions of the leaf as wraps to make interesting finger food such as tamales or Chinese rice cakes. Leaves are folded then rolled. Large orders are just folded.

Min 3  Banana Leaves  3' to 4'+
Min 3  Banana Leaves  3' to 4'+

3 Fresh Banana Leaves is $21.00 $7. each We cut the morning we send them. Will stay green 1 week if kept cool or 3 weeks in the fridge. We fold and roll leaves to ship.

bl12 29.95 21.00
Making A Krathong
Making A Krathong

Things You Need You will need banana tree leaves and trunk sections, assorted flowers, pins, incense, candles, patience and a Thai teacher. Although styrofoam has more flotation the banana tree sections are much better for the environment.

Fold And Attach Banana leaves are folded and pinned to the outside & top of the banana tree sections.

Many Styles Shown are two samples. Banana leaves can be attached in many ways and styles.

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EXOTIC WRAPS   Banana leaves and other ingredients add panache to special dinners

Banana Plant Leaves

Another useful part of the banana plant is the leaves. In southern India they are used as plates, and for this the middle rib is retained. In almost every Asian country, the leaves are used as a wrapping for food to be cooked or deftly shaped into dainty serving cups or cones or square containers. For this purpose the thick mid-rib is discarded after cutting off the flexible leaf. A piece of banana leaf with its naturally smooth surface takes the place of greaseproof paper or foil for smoothing the top of sweetmeats, rice cooked in coconut milk, and other dishes.

The traditional Sri Lankan meal of Lampries (parcels of fragrant rice, curries and accompaniments wrapped in a banana leaf and baked) would lack a vital flavour component were the banana leaf to be omitted. Before using fresh banana leaf as a wrapping, pass over a flame to soften and make flexible. Alternatively, blanch in boiling water for a few seconds. This renders the leaves pliable for easier handling.

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Body:The banana leaves were in perfect shape! The owner called me in person the evening we received the leaves to answer questions I had about storing the leaves. The quality of the product was excellent, and the owner was very helpful! The leaves arrived a day early, however with directions from the owners, they stored just fine!

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Body:I recently purchased banana leaves from Greenearth Inc. They asked when I wanted them and they shipped the leaves right away They arrived so fast I couldnt believe it! They were all very fresh and in perfect condition.

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Ted's Hydro-Nut
Ted's Hydro-Nut

Hydro-Nut with Bibb Lettuce
Hydro-Nut with Bibb Lettuce

 Fresh Cut Papaya Leaves
 Fresh Cut Papaya Leaves

Papaya contains biologically active compounds such as chymopapain and papain, which are aids in digestion. Enzymes accelerate reactions within body cells. In the human body, the pancreas produces enzymes that break down foods into nutrients Individuals who have cystic fibrosis or diseases of the pancreas may not produce enough natural enzymes to digest foods properly. Papain is proteolytic, meaning that it digests proteins. Frequently it is included in prescription combinations of digestive enzymes to replace what individuals with cystic fibrosis or pancreas conditions cannot produce these naturally. Because it improves digestion in general, papain has also been used orally to treat less serious digestion disorders (bloating and chronic indigestion) Papain also is used to treat arthritis and intestinal worms. The softening and disintegrating qualities of papain have been taken advantage of in the treatment of warts, corns, sinuses and chronic forms of scaly eczema and other hardness of the skin

In studies of cancer patients, oral enzyme supplements containing papain helped to relieve treatment side effects such as mouth sores and difficulty in swallowing. Phyto-chemicals in papain may increase immune system function and may also promote the release of natural chemicals that attack tumor cells. Papain may lessen inflammation, as well. All of these potential effects make preparations containing papain useful as an addition to cancer therapy. An oral prescription product containing papain and other enzymes has orphan drug status in the United States for the treatment of multiple myeloma, a form of bone marrow cancer. An orphan drug has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) because it shows effectiveness for treating severe or rare diseases that usually have few other treatment options.

An injectable form of the enzym chymopapain has been used to treat herniated (“slipped”) discs in the spine.


The green fruit is reported to contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, ash, Ca, P, Fe, 7 mg Na, K, beta-carotene equivalent, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and ascorbic acid. vitamin E. The glycoside, carposide, and the alkaloid, carpaine, pseudo-carpaine, D1-piperideine alkaloids, dehydrocarpaine I and II, water, caoutchouc-like substances, pectinous matter and salts, malic acid, papain, resin. Fatty oil, volatile oil, a glycoside, caricin, and the enzyme, myrosin. saturated acids (palmitic, stearic, and arachidic) unsaturated acids (oleic and linoleic). , bactericidal aglycone of glucotropaeolin benzyl isothiocyanate), sinigrin, the enzyme myrosin, and carpasemine. Flath and Forrey (1977) identified 106 volatile components in papaya.

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