Musa  'California Gold' -  Banana Plant - Banana Tree

"California Gold" a real cold hardy fruit producer. Exceptionally frost hardy compared to other bananas, produces good fruit, year after year, without any frost protection. Only a few banana plants might equal the cold hardiness of California Gold, such as the inedible Japanese fiber banana Musa basjoo. The California Gold banana shakes off the cold. It may lose its' leaves after a hard freeze but then continues to grow when the weather warms in the spring. The leaves lost during the winter don't seem to slow this plant down. The mature plant gets to 10' to 12'; depending on light and fertilizer. Some plants have produced fruit in as early as 10 months from a pup. Delicious fruits rival any store-bought fruit in quality and flavor. Beautiful plants 12"+ tall plant shipped.

Musa 'California Gold' - Banana Plants - Banana Trees
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