Click to enlargeCaladium ‘Poison Dart Frog’  Painted Frog™ Series*

Beautiful greens, Vibrant, but certainly NOT toxic, the shiny, dark-green leaves of this Caladium are splotched with red and reflective in bright light, making them look waxed. Habit and Growth Rate: 12-24” high x 12-24” wide Landscape Value: Colorful, heart-shaped leaves can be very effective when planted in a big sweep. Use as border plants for splashes of color. Shorter varieties combine well in mixed planters and hanging baskets with Begonias and Fern. Hardiness:Zone 9 - 11 We ship only beautiful plants with leaves. at least 12" and larger. Two free fertilizer spikes and growing instructions included with plants.

Caladium - ‘Poison Dart Frog’ - Painted Frog™ Series*
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