Click to enlargeCaladium - ‘Tie-Dyed Tree Frog’ - Painted Frog™ Series*

Tie-Dyed Tree Frog is playfully colorful, and a tall grower by caladium standards. Dark-green leaves are accented by a red mid-vein, and mottled with lime-green and yellow variegation. Small, pink and white spots pepper each leaf, making them look like splattered paint. Large, heart-shaped foliage can be very effective when planted in big sweeps. The Painted Frog Series is more tolerant of sun than older varieties, so plant in filtered sun for just the right pop of color in any garden setting. Much like their larger cousins, colocasias, caladiums are relatively carefree once you address their basic needs. Habit and Growth Rate: 18-24" tall by 18-30" wide , Landscape Value: Colorful, heart-shaped leaves can be very effective when planted in a big sweep. Use as border plants for splashes of color. Shorter varieties combine well in mixed planters and hanging baskets with Begonias and Fern. Two free fertilizer spikes and growing instructions included with plants. Hardiness: Zones 9 - 11, Beautiful Plants shipped are 16"+

Caladium ‘Tie-Dyed Tree Frog’ - Painted Frog™ Series*
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