Click to enlargeVery Sweet  Fig ‘Ischia’ (Ficus carica)

Fig ‘Ischia’ (Ficus carica) flavorful red flesh that tastes like strawberries & bananas. Figs are well-loved as container plants because they bear fruit at a young age and are self-fruitful without the need of a cross-pollinator. ‘Ischia’ is a productive yellow-skinned fig. The sweet, succulent fruit is large and can measure up to 2” in diameter with a reddish interior. They can be eaten fresh or dried to enjoy later. This fig tree can produce two crops a year, especially if it’s grown in a warm location during the fall months to give the second crop time to ripen. Give ‘Ischia’ plenty of sun and warmth and it will create figs of the finest quality. The main reason people grow yellow figs is that in the rare event you have bird problems with figs, birds don't tend to bother the yellow colored ones. We have never had problems with insects, birds, or other animals eating figs at our nursery, Will also grow inside with lots of light. Self-pollinating. Gorgeous fruiting and ornamental tree too. The fruits are very sweet and fantastic for drying or eating fresh. Zone 6 - 10 Full sun. Beautiful 10" plant shipped. Growing instructions and 2 free fertilizer spikes with each plant..

Very Sweet Fig ‘Ischia’ (Ficus carica) taste like strawberries & bananas.
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