Click to enlargeVery Sweet Little Ruby Fig 'Little Ruby  SOLD OUT TILL July 1st.

Very Sweet Little Ruby Fig 'Little Ruby' is probably in the top five of all fig varieties for its ability to grow long term in a container, making it one of the best choices for growing indoors or in greenhouses. A dwarf and hardy fig that is an excellent choice for patio culture as far north as zone 6. Little Ruby produces a huge crop of medium sized sweet red figs with strawberry colored flesh. Trees can produce large quantities of fruit when the plant is only three feet tall in a seven gallon container, which would have most other fig varieties producing only a few fruit per year. Will also grow inside with lots of light. Self-pollinating. Gorgeous fruiting and ornamental tree too. The fruits are very sweet and fantastic for drying or eating fresh. 8" plant shipped

Very Sweet Little Ruby Fig 'Little Ruby Sold Out till July 1st.