Click to enlargeComosus 'Elite Gold' Pineapple

One 'Elite Gold' Super sweet Pineapple is Hybridized and grown from tissue cultures to be a disease free exact replica of the mother plant. Elite Gold are a juicy, white flesh pineapple with a soft center. Pineapple Plant Elite Gold boasts a high sugar content with no acid. Partial/full. Grows only 2 1/2-3′ high making it an excellent container plant. Elite Gold can grow in cold areas and brought indoors for the winter. All around great cultivar. Ships to the continental United States only. Ananas comosus, Bromeliaceae Ananas comosus soil requirements and planting instructions, Pineapple plants grow best in moderately fertile, sandy loam soils of neutral to mildly acid pH. Plants will grow satisfactorily in sandy and calcareous soils with attention to watering and fertilizer. This species of Ananas comosus is hardy at zones 8-11. We remove the 4" pot and ship in a baggy to hold moisture in. Two free fertilizer spikes and growing instructions included with plants. Only one shipping charge of $10.95 for as many plants from our shop as you like.

Elite Gold Super Sweet Pineapple 5" plants - SOLD OUT
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