Super Sweet Kiwi - Thornless Raspberry  <BR>  Dwarf Red Fig - Purple Passion Fruit

Click to enlargeSuper Sweet Kiwi arguta 'Issai' (self fertile female) Ships Nov. 15thSweet and healthy. The fuzzless kiwi that grows on this vine is exceptionally sweet – with 20% natural sugar. And it has eight times more vitamin C than oranges! This variety thrives almost anywhere, except in extremely wet soil. It is also exceptionally productive, bearing up to 100 pounds of fruit annually. The vine grows rapidly, so it requires a sturdy support system, which should be built before or soon after planting. Heat-tolerant. Ripens in late August. Self-pollinating.

IK 21.95 9.95
Click to enlargeThornless Raspberry - Glencoe - Ships Nov. 15th.Easy to manage thornless bush produces a bumper crop of incredibly luscious gourmet raspberries. Berry plants are self-fruitful, so a single plant will supply ample fruit from early to late summer. Plenty of berries for fresh eating, jams, and sorbet. Glencoe’s plants are compact enough to be grown in a large container. Full sun.

GLRS 21.95 9.95
Ficus "Petite Negra" Super Sweet Dwarf  Red  Fig   Ships Dec. 15th.Ficus "Petite Negra" Super Sweet Dwarf Red Fig Ships Dec. 15th.Petite Negra is a new dwarf varieties of fig that produces a medium sized fruit on short compact plants, great for pots and indoors. Its ability to produce crops of figs on a short compact frame has won gardeners over. Its not uncommon to have fruit at as early as 1' tall. Very cold hardy, all around great variety. Beautiful healthy 6" plants shipped.

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Click to enlargePurple Passion fruit Vine - Passiflora Edulis Ships Dec. 15th.purple passion fruit is considered an A+ fresh eating variety and known as a super fast grower. Cold hardy subtropical and easily withstands frosts and the occasional freeze. Grows 30 feet in a season. Medium to full sun. Two free fertilizer spikes with each vine. Large beautiful 24" to 30" vine shipped.

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