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Musa 'Dwarf Green' - Banana Plants

Musa 'Dwarf Green' - Banana Plants
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Musa 'Dwarf Green' is a sturdy plant with extremely thick leaves. It is a sport off of Dwarf Red and use to be called Dwarf Green- Red, Has stripes of red on trunk and banana taste and looks like dwarf red. The thick leaves make this cultivar very wind tolerant. This is a cavendish type banana that produces a creamy orange pulp fruit. 'Dwarf Green' grows excellent cooking leaves that can be used for wrapping and grilling meat, as well as serving food. Fast Growing, Heat Tolerant, Cold Tolerant, Wind Tolerant. HEIGHT: gets 6 Feet, Full Sun, Partial Sun ZONE: 9-11, Thick Green Leaves, Wind Tolerant, Creamy Orange Pulp Fruit, Cook With Leaves. Beautiful 12"+ plants shipped.
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