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Hua Moa Plantain Banana Plant is especially loved for its ease to grow and carefree growth habit. Hua Moa banana plant is a Hawaiian strain of banana plant that produces the largest fruit of any other musa banana tree available, at a whopping 10" long and 4" round this specimen of banana is destined to become a home gardening favorite for sure. Each banana plant is grown from tissue cultures to be a disease free exact replica of the mother banana plant. The flavor is tart and sweet with peach overtones. Can be boiled fried or eaten fresh, a very versatile species. Grows in zones 8-10 Mature banana plant height is 10' to 12'. Many consider this to be the best cooking banana. The plant is also very attractive. Very stocky and almost rectangular fruit. Fruit can be eaten fresh or cooked. The plants now are 14" high.

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