Click to enlargeMusa Sumatrana X Cross, Gran Nain Cross Banana Plant

Musa Sumatrana X Cross is a cross between a Gran Nain and a Zebrina. So it has the wider leaves like a Gran Nain and red and splotches like a Zebrina with the fruit of a Gran Nain. This one is new and sure to find a place in every gardeners back yards. Very sweet with a stout trunk. Average Height: 7-10 ft, Full to partial sun - Benefits from afternoon shade but can handle all day sun, Fast Growing, Heat Tolerant. Zones: 9-11, Beautiful plants like picture 10" tall shipped. Easy grow instructions and two Free fertilizer spikes with each plant. We remove the 4" pot and ship in a baggy to hold moister in. Only one shipping charge of $10.95 for as many plants from our shop as you like.

Musa Sumatrana X Cross, Gran Nain Cross Banana Plant - 10" plant
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