Click to enlargePhilodendron Hope Selloum - 8" Beautiful Plant

Add a tropical feel to any room with a Hope Philodendron, approximately 8 - 9 inches tall at shipment. Enjoy watching this baby grow and perform! Hope Philodendron is a great indoor air purifier. Hope is a beautiful Philodendron that is compact and more adaptable to smaller containers, on desktops and interior spaces. With maturity, ‘Hope’ has deeply serrated leaves with the distinct split-leaf tropical look many Philodendrons offer. Ships USPS Priority mail'. Like all philodendrons, Hope grows perfectly well in rooms with very low light. As a bonus, it not only grows well but actually cleans toxins out of the air. Little Hope philodendron is ideal for offices or any buildings without direct sunlight because they seem to thrive anywhere. USDA Growing zones 8 - 11 for growing as an outdoor landscape filtered light specimen. Nice 8" plant shipped with 2 free fertilizer spikes and directions for growing.

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