Click to enlargePurple Passion fruit vine - Passiflora Edulis

Purple Possum Passion fruit is a Delicious Edible Fruit with beautiful flowers, attracts Butterflies and is Cold hardy subtropical and easily withstands frosts and the occasional freeze. A great vine to grow with delicious fruit to eat. They produce the large edible passion fruit that is purple, best to let it fall to the ground rather than pick it. This vine will do extremely well in California and Florida, and will produce fruit in colder states as well as it can be grown in a pot and brought in for the winter. The fruit is very delicious and considered one of the best tastings of the Passion Fruits. Grows 30 feet in a season. Medium to full sun. Two free fertilizer spikes with each vine. Beautiful 10"+ vine plant ships now growing fast.

Purple Passion fruit vine - Passiflora Edulis
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