Click to enlargeStarfruit Tree - 'Carambola' - Averrhoa carambola - Sold Out till Feb.

Star Fruit Tree: A compact evergreen that combines a handsome tree with delicious and unusual fruit. The tree is lush and woody, with delicate lavender flowers that add to the tree's overall beauty. And the fruit itself enhances the overall exotic look. Its shiny, pale-orange coloring and convex shape appear like numerous sunbursts throughout the tree. The juicy flavor has hints of apple, pear, grape, and a mild tartness that is all it's own. This symphony of flavors makes fruit salads taste fresher and more satisfying than ever before. You can also use Star Fruit as a garnish or even cooked in puddings and stews. With the Star Fruit, the sky's the limit to the meals you will enjoy. Growing Zones: 4-11 patio / 9-11 outdoors (hardy down to 30℉) Max. Height 25'. I send a real healthy 8" plant shipped taken out of a 4" pot and wrapped in a plastic baggy to hold moisture in. .- Sold Out till Feb.

Starfruit Tree - 'Carambola' - Averrhoa carambola - Sold Out till Feb.
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