Click to enlargeMusa 'Mekong Giant'  Banana Plant - Banana Tree

The Musa 'Mekong Giant' (Musa xishuangbannaensis) is a large, cold hardy banana from Yunnan China. Hardy in USDA zone 6. Many people love this plant because it grows so fast, and in areas where it will die down to the ground each Winter they need speedy growth. If this sounds like the banana you need, this is the banana for you! Imagine a Musa basjoo on steroids and you get the idea, although Musa 'Mekong Giant' spreads from long rhizomes. In temperate climates, expect a 15' tall specimen, but in climates with warmer winters it can reportedly reach 30' r more, but typically if it dies down each year, you may see 12-20 feet before mother nature takes it back down in the winter. The trunk will get a dark pink to purple color with age. You can over-winter this plant for many 9 years! It will produce very large clumps of bananas. This banana also produces large rhizomes underground which is one of the main reasons it is so hardy. Shade or full sun. Zone; 6, Beautiful plants 12" tall plant.

Musa 'Mekong Giant' Banana Plants - Banana Tree
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