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Banana Plants, Banana Trees, and Super Nice ALOCASIA and COLOCASIA on Sale.

Guaranteed 100% all Banana Plants and Tropical Plants to arrive beautifully and not to be disappointed in any way and have been since 2001. Grown from disease-free tissue cultures clones of super sweet types to guarantee healthy banana plants, Elephant Ears, and fruit plants that will produce the sweetest fruit.
Now available most all flavors of Banana Plants. Also, we have a select few of the very sweetest biggest producers of Fruit plants.

Our Return policy is Your choice of a replacement or a full refund for a shipping damaged plant or any disappointment."

We are a registered mail order Plant Nursery in Melbourne, FL. and try to give 100% Top Quality service. I guarantee you will be happy with our plants. All Plants ship together.

Banana plants are shipped only in the U.S.A. We sell the easiest banana plants to grow and all can be grown in full sun, part shade, or inside your home by a window. All plants are at least 2 months old.
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