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The Seventh Edition of "Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business" by T. M. Taylor

Help save the Earths Environment!

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The New 7th. Edition of "Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business" 280 Pages.
A Complete Guide to Starting and Operating an Organic or Hydroponic Business That Benefits the Environment. Get it from the Publisher here.

This 11 Section, Greenhouse Guide was written by T.M.Taylor, one of the nation's quality growers, to encourage and promote the profitable home greenhouse business of growing Annuals, House Plants, Potted Plants, Flowers, Organic Herbs, Specialty Vegetables, Trees, Edible Flowers, Tropical Plants, Fruits, Native Plants and Hydroponic Tomatoes, and other vegetables all pesticide free.

Discover how a Greenhouse Business can be a Fun, Easy, Money Saving, Hobby or Occupation.

Grow Your Love of Gardening into a Profitable Greenhouse Business with

"Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business"

by Ted M. Taylor

A Complete Guide to Starting and Operating a High-Profit Business that Benefits the Environment. If you ever consider installing a greenhouse, or already have one, this book can help you turn your expenditure into a profitable venture.

University of California - San Luis Obispo, Poly-Tech, says "If you operate a greenhouse for profit, you need this book."

The Growing Edge Magazine says, "Excellent how-to-guide. A gold mine of information."

Well-organized--a truly readable and comprehensive book that presents valuable up-to-date information on:

* Who to Sell to -- Nationwide Plant Buyers List.

* Which Plants Sell Best, when and how to grow them.

* Selling to the Largest National Chains and Local Markets.

* Growing Herbs and Specialty Food Crops, Organic and Hydroponic.

* Growing Annuals, Ferns, Foliage plants, Holiday Flowers, Trees and Tropical Plants (Buy tissue culture for .90 cents sell 6" pot for $9.00 wholesale, $19.00 retail within 2 months.

* Free Solar Greenhouse Plans in book with inflated double poly roof for up to 30'x 96' size.

* Wholesale Plant Price Guide and Directory for the best priced Grower Supplies and much more.

"Secrets to a Successful Greenhouse and Business"
Has Been

SELECTED BY THE EDITORS of MOTHER EARTH NEWS as one of the Best Books for Skillful Living

Table of Contents

1-- Quantity and Variety

2-- Specialized Projects with Excellent Profit Potential- This includes Annuals. Hydroponic Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cucumber and Peppers, Native Trees, Tropical Fruit, Bulbs, Cactus, Foliage plants, Ferns, and Flowers.

3-- Greenhouses

4-- Selling, Marketing, and Economics

5-- Watering and Growing Care

6-- Natural Insect and Disease Control

7-- Soil and Fertilizer Mixtures

8-- Wholesale Price List

9-- Delivery, Collecting, and Using Computers

10-- Guidelines to Organizing Your Business

11-- Plant Buyers (many pages of real buyers of your plants) and Wholesale Greenhouse Suppliers

Full of Tips, Ideas, and Resources. Generously illustrated and produced on recycled paper.

Author available for questions at anytime, always free.

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