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If you have any Greenhouse, Tropical Plant, question email me at any time. Thank You,
Ted Taylor - 50 years of Growing and Research.
call 321 259-9053

Our return policy is your choice of a replacement or a full refund for a shipping damaged plant or any disappointment.

We are a registered mail order Plant Nursery in Melbourne, FL. and try to give 100% Top Quality service. I guarantee you will be happy with our plants and service.

The picture at the top is one of two not-for-profit hydroponic greenhouses built by the Green Earth Project in Savusavu, Fiji showing and testing our new growing systems for saving water and fertilizer while floaing lettuce on chilled water., Green Earth - Fiji, also designed the Coconut and Bamboo construction Hydro Nut Hydroponic grow system using Worm Castings and Humus Tea as fertilizer in Fiji. Our project to help stop Slash and burn Farming. "Hydro Nut Grow System" on YouTube.

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