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"Borneo King" Huge Elephant Ear

"Borneo King" Huge Elephant Ear
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Alocasia Borneo King is the Huge result of a lot of breeding to produce a large upright growing Alocasia that can reach monstrous size in northern climates. The plant is similar to Alocasia Odora as far as hardiness and vigor but with the size of Alocasia Borneo giant which can grow to giant size in far southern states. Many wish they to could grow them that big in the north now it is possible with Alocasia Borneo King.I think this is the nicest of all Elephant ear plants, the tropical look is instant. Can grow 6-8 feet in its first year, a mature specimen can exceed heights of 12 feet with individual leaves 5 feet wide. The leaves are thick and are held firmly upright by the stout stems, making the size more manageable in the landscape. It is capable of growing in full sun if well-irrigated and planted in rich organic soil. In shade or partial shade, very little work is required to grow this beautiful specimen once it becomes established. Sun or part shade. Zones: 8 -11. We grow only Tissue culture plants so disease-free 12" or more high plants are shipped. Two free fertilizer spikes and growing instructions are included with the plants.
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