Alocasia 'Serendipity' Elephant EarZoom

Alocasia 'Serendipity' Elephant Ear

Alocasia 'Serendipity' Elephant Ear
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Serendipity Elephant's Ear is a tall plant with large, heart-shaped purplish-green leaves with very dark purple undersides. The stems and veins on the leaf undersides are lime green. A jungle plant, it prefers shady conditions and rich consistently moist soils and protection from drying or damaging winds and harsh afternoon sunlight. These conditions can be achieved in a pot placed in a sheltered location, or as part of a moist understory planting or shady border. It will grow to about six to eight feet tall and about 4 feet wide. Hardiness Zone 8 - 10, Beautiful 10" plant shipped.
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