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"Jack's Giant"- Grows Huge

"Jack's Giant"- Grows Huge
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The largest growing cultivar of the Colocasia variety elephant ears! This astonishing Elephant Ear is well-named -- it really does look like something that would grow for the giant in JACK AND THE BEANSTALK. The foliage is absolutely massive, many feet long and wide, with a glossy texture, prominent ribbing, and a rich blue-green cast that lightens to chartreuse around the edges. Reaching up to 9' feet tall and 5 to 8 feet wide, it thrives in moist to boggy or even wet soils, preferring those that are well enriched with organic matter. In wintertime, however, it needs much drier conditions to keep from rotting. Good drainage and consistent moisture is the solution, with a siting in sun to light shade. Find a position of prominence for this extraordinary plant. It could easily become the focal point of the patio or deck or join taller shrubs and trees around the perimeter of the property. As a specimen it is unforgettable, yet it is quite easy to grow and needs no maintenance. Grows outside in Zones 7-10. We have grown it in a 4" pot that we remove and send in a baggy to hold moister in. We grow only Tissue culture plants so guaranteed disease-free. Two free fertilizer spikes and growing instructions are included with plants. Only one shipping charge of $10.95 for as many plants from our shop as you like on the same order. Healthy 12" plant ships now.
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