Click to enlarge Alocasia Kuching PP 31,784 -  Elephant Ear 9" plant shipped

Grows Huge and, gets 8' to 9' and Most Beautiful of all Elephant Ears - Alocasia Kuching Mask 14" plant. Plants produce uniquely shaped, dark green leaves accented with pale green or antique white veins, simply stunning!. I think the most beautiful of all the huge Elephant ear plants.

Kuching Mask’ is a new tropical plant used as a landscape and container plant. The new cultivar was derived from a controlled breeding program conducted by the Inventor at his nursery in Louisville, Ky. The overall purpose of the breeding program is to make selections of Alocasia plants with large, colorful leaves that are easy to grow in the nursery and landscape. ‘Kuching Mask’ arose from a cross make in June of 2015 between an unnamed plant of Alocasia longloba x odora as the female parent and Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Borneo Giant’ (not patented) as the male parent. ‘Kuching Mask’ was selected as a single unique plant in May of 2016 from amongst the seedlings derived from the above cross. ‘Kuching Mask’ exhibits resistance to root rot and cold temperatures.

Full Sun to Part Sun (3+ hours) Preferred Soil Moisture: Moist, Well-drained, Zones: 8 - 11. Beautiful 9" plant shipped. Two free fertilizer spikes and growing instructions included. We remove the 4" pot and ship in a baggy to hold moisture in. Only one shipping charge for as many plants as you buy from our store. Two free fertilizer spikes and growing instructions are included.

Kuching Mask - Alocasia - Huge Elephant Ear
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