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Red Abyssinian - Banana Plants

Red Abyssinian - Banana Plants
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This fantastic tropical plant can be the centerpiece of your landscaping effort. This popular banana provides striking red coloration on green leaves making a nice backdrop for other tropicals. Ensete Maurelii is often referred to as the Ethiopian Banana. Grown mainly as foliage plants, Ensete is a reasonably frost resistant perennial growing 10-20' in height with leaves up to 10'. They prefer to be sheltered from the wind but in full sun with moist soil. It can be grown in containers. Plant in full sun to part shade in a wind-sheltered area such as courtyards, walled entry gardens, atriums, and sheltered slots between buildings where they won't outgrow. Provide plenty of water throughout the growing season. In colder climates, it can be planted in large pots and sheltered indoors for the winter. It is cold hardy to about 20-25 F. It has been noted that cultivation conditions that can have quite profound effects on plant color and morphology. Beautiful 10"+ plant shipped.
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