“Siam Ruby” Musa Banana PlantZoom

“Siam Ruby” Musa Banana Plant

“Siam Ruby” Musa Banana Plant
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Siam Ruby originated in Papua New Guinea, where bananas have been cultivated for 10,000 years, as a sport on M. ‘Tapo’. I have never seen it taller than 8′ . The leaves are stunning, dark ruby red banana leaves with tiny green flecks…the more sun, the more intense the color. This is one banana that loves intense heat and humidity. Each plant is grown from tissue cultures to be a disease-free exact replica of the mother plant. Mature tree Grows to 8′ tall/ .Zones 8-11. Can grow up to 2' per month. Beautiful plants 14" tall shipped. Easy grow instructions and two Free fertilizer spikes with each plant. We remove the 4" pot and ship in a baggy to hold moister in. Only one shipping charge of $10.95 for as many plants from our shop as you like.
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