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Yellow Bird of Paradise

Yellow Bird of Paradise
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The Yellow Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia Reginae Mandela's Gold is a rare, yellow form of the famous orange Bird of Paradise. This spectacular cultivar has flaring, yellow sepals and blue petals reminiscent of a crested tropical bird. Like the orange form, it is easy to grow in the right conditions. New, rare & and exciting! A yellow form of Bird of Paradise is grown for its spectacular flowers which bear a startling resemblance to the heads of crested tropical birds. Forming a huge clump of noble, evergreen foliage, it can grow to 5 tall and wide. Well-known and long-lasting cut flower. We grow only Tissue culture plants so guarantee disease-free, 10" tall beautiful healthy plants shipped. Two free fertilizer spikes with each plant and growing instructions included. We grew it in a 4" pot that we remove and ship it in a plastic bag to hold moisture in. Only one shipping charge for Priority Mail for $10.95 for as many plants from our shop as you buy in one order. Sorry, no shipping to Hawaii.
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